Straight Coupler, 2 in. Diameter, 5,000 lbs. Capacity, 3″ Channel Width

Part # 343000317


Fas-Lok Latch, Weld-on Design for 3″ Wide Tongue, 5000lb GVWR Rated


5000lb GVWR Rated, Weld-on, Accepts 2" Ball

Product Summary

Selecting the proper Fulton Coupler requires attention to a few key details. First, choose the ball size that matches the trailer weight. Then choose the channel width and style that matches the trailer tongue.
  • A-Frame Couplers mount on A-Frame style trailers (50o mounts) and are available in Classes III and IV.
  • Straight Couplers generally mount on a straight channel, and are available in Classes I through IV.
  • Fold-Away Couplers enable the straight-mounted coupler to be unlatched at the hinged point and folded to gain storage space.
You’ll be able to select from a wide variety of Fulton Couplers that match your trailer design and weight requirements in the Trailer Couplers section of the Fulton Performance Products web site.

Additional information

SKU: 1340

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5.51 × 3.35 × 7.09 in


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